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Look familiar? Tripp is our logo! Although you probably won't meet him (he is pretty shy with people), Tripp loves other dogs. Tripp is a sassy boy who loves chillin on his couch and hoarding toys.


Our oldest pup. Jax loves his stuffed toys and to clean up any and all spilled food. Jax really isnt friends with any of the dogs, he kind of just co-exists with them. He much prefers laid back pooches.


This is our crazy girl. I am yet to meet a dog that she cannot tire out. Some clients have called her the "bad influence" of the group, but she really is a sweet girl.

Meet The Crew: Meet The Team


Sophie is our second oldest and she is definitley the boss of the house. Sophie LOVES people and food, but prefers low-key dogs that don't get in her face.


Ball is life. Blitz loves puppies and girls the most. Although Blitz coexists with males, they usually aren't his BFFs and he just avoids them.


I am the human behind it all. I work a full time job as a vet tech and I am a a lot, dog crazy. Dog hair, don't care!

Meet The Crew: Team Members
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